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June 19, 2004



Crap! Is it too late to join the candyalong? What was I thinking! Your poncho looks very cute. And Happy Father's Day! I am rather fascinated with the hair ... was it windy, or does the hair do that on its own?


Ugh, I'm with you on the general avoidance of all things fringed, unless it's self-fringing, which is right up there with teflon and velcro. And I too am facing a finished shawl for which I am actually contemplating a beaded fringe no less. Lunatics R Us.


Great poncho!!! Even better boychiks...Heh!
Happy Papa's Day to you all.


Yum - I am so addicted to Hi Chew. Fortunately I am kept supplied by our local Japanese convenience store. Isn't there just something great about candy that we miss when we "put away childish things"?


The poncho looks wonderfu, and that picture is just the cutest. I could die from the cute.


Oh, hurray! Glad you enjoyed your goodies. Probably almost as much as I enjoyed going to the Japanese store to pick them out. :o) The Japanese just have such a way with sweets. All these interesting little packages.

The linen tank looks fab!

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