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May 25, 2004



Joy IS joy! I'm lovin' it.... And that red hat is delish. (Hey, had lunch with exy today, we talked about you! All good things.... :) )


Yeah, the drape is great on RCT, but- my Drifter is drifting south. Hopefully that is because it is long and weighing itself down, and your tank won't do the same.

Yesterday I overheard someone talking about going to see the "Prisoner of Alakazam."


whaddya mean jailbait hottie?? how old is he? are you delibrately trying to wreck things for me?? now I won't be able to fantasize without feeling like a sick perv. thanks alot Mindy.


He's over 18. Fantasize away.

Nice to see your knitting again, Lovely & Amazing as it is! (see, how I put a little Jake reference in there?)

The fake snow promo for DAT is hilarious. I'm surprised the government didn't raid you.


Congrats on finally getting your computer back! Your pictures look great. What is it about babies in hats that I like so much? They can't help but be adorable. Speaking of adorable, I have to fully agree with you about Jake Gyllenhaal and his sister is cute too.


I actually like the goatee look on your poncho. Makes it stand out! Plus your son looks adorable in his hat! I couldn't even get my nephew to try his on, let alone get such a great picture!

And Jake is a hottie but he and his significant other, Kirsten Dunst, make one of the cutest couples around!


Great pics! And what a cool job! I haven't see a screening since I left nyc (wimper). And Gyllenhaal, wow. Love that fam.


Finally got to catch up with you after too many long work days and no computer time. Your computer's back - yay! Mr. Martian looks adorable in his bucket. Many LOLs...especially for "War & Baseball".

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