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June 10, 2004


rock chick

I'll join you.

Sheila Batterton

Did you live during Ronald Reagans presidency? I did and I personally believe he was the greatest president we have had during my life on this earth. He was a leader! He didn't bow down to the politics of Washington. He said what he thought and believed in what he said. The huge deficit was caused by the democrates before him. Apparently he was loved my millions as witnessed by his funeral and the people (real people not politicians)who went to Washington to pay homage to him. The worst president I have seen during my lifetime is Bill Clinton. For those who think of him as a God, apparently have no morals. To buy his lies and adultery makes those who praise him, truly immoral.


Same here, we are NOT turning on the TV today. It's a pact we made. Enough already!


I worry about other second-rate actors/governors of California becoming president someday as well.

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