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June 01, 2004



I saw someone take yarn like that Gedifra Clou (in almost the same colorway too) and match it with something like K1C2 Sprinkles turquoise. It looked lovely and the shop owner commented to the person winding them together, "it looks like a mermaid!" She mentioned that she wanted a fun'n'fresh springy/summery top.


Nice enhancements! I nearly spit my coffee out when I saw who "Ming the Merciless" is. I had a little encounter with him myself, but I have to say: I did not get lured. I take full responsibility for my actions.

(are you free for coffee/knitting soon? I'll show you my enhancements if you show me yours!)


Nice haul, Mindy. I've got some goods coming from Mr. Ming, too, thanks to that sale they're having. Knit faster indeed!


Ming the Merciless! Perfect! Ha ha. And yes, you must try taking up speed knitting, if possible. Maybe you need to knit yourself a giant poncho so you can secretly knit underneath it while you are at work.


Merciless, indeed. And hey, I thought I bought all the Idea Jeans they had (same colors, too).

Exstashaganza. That works for me.


I'm partial to stashola!


I vote for "Stashapalooza....also, I like your note to self. I need to give myself that one from time to time. How do you like the strips of handiwipes? I got the same "yarn" (kind of a stretch don't you think?) one time to do a knitted purse with. Really funky and unusual. I liked how it turned out, too. Enjoy!


So that was you who outbid me for the Clou! Enjoy. (I found some too.)

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