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June 07, 2004



It's clear from Walker's other writings that she was pretty disgusted at how a symbol she saw as having links to prehistory had been debased by the Nazi party. She hoped that someday the world would have healed enough to reclaim that spirtual heritage of the design, rather than focusing on its mid-20th century perversion. That being said, too many of my familiy died in Europe for me to ever see the symbol in any other context, in spite of her reasoning. Perhaps three or four generations of knitters hence will be able to disassociate the layers of meaning. But not me.


Oh Mindy, you know, all I can say is "WORD," girl. Wordy McWorderson from Wordville.

I'm not sure I even want the healing or disassociation, you know? It worries me that disassociation would lead to forgetfulness. The number of people who deny the Holocaust is growing steadily. There's not a chance in the universe that I would ever see the swastika for what it originally symbolized.

I own that book and I must not have read through it thoroughly enough to catch it. Maybe I'll rip that page out or something. I don't really want it in my collection, either.


turn the page, man. skip the swastika patterns. the rest of the book is great. imho, it would be foolish to discard the whole because you don't like a few of what's there...


After more than two years here, I still haven't gotten used to seeing swastikas all over the place, although I recognize they are Buddhist. Still give me the shivers.


It's amazing how oblivious some people can be. I still occasionally see a modern quilt with a patchwork design that clearly forms a swastika, but somehow no one has noticed. Although, if Walker is calling it by *name*, I guess you can't call her oblivious.

I don't know what to say except it creeps me out, too.


I would give it back to the library and stay far away. Simply on principle. Thats like when highly intelligent individual wants to argue about how a word really means this or that. IT MEANS what po-culture and the current generation interperates it as. No one definition for a word or thing or symbol is 100% correct, even if it apears ina dictionary, in a documentary or on TV. How people perseve things makes it what it is.

Other inelligent individuals might say, well then those people need to stop percieving it that way and then it wouldnt mean that anymore. While very true, it's a very ignorant way to think.

I wouldnt open it again. Sorry, nope! To me the author was ignorant.


Unfortunate as it may be, no matter what the swastika meant at one time, on a large scale recognition base, you're right, it only means one thing now and forevermore: It means RUN AWAY! You were right to put the book down. I'd have no problem with the other patterns in the book, but they're hanging out at the wrong club. So, nope. good on you.

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