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June 08, 2004



I love the Portofino - especially the color! nicely done! btw. to all Gidget readers out there: I have seen her smile with my own two eyes - she can, she has the facial muscles, it is possible!


amen sister! Um and don't forget the massive national deficeit that Reagan left is either


Let me tell you in the Bronx we have not doubt as to what a horrible president he was. The poverty that existed in my neighborhood was horrific. I've been having lots of issues all week with the Ronnie lovefest that's been going on.

Love the poncho by the way! Does the color match you bucket hat, because it looks the same in the pictures. Kind of a season of red for you...


Here, here - on the Reagan issues! Way to go!


Oh yeah. Let's cut taxes to the ultra rich corporations, build our military to insane proportions, leave a staggering deficit for our heirs, and cut social services till the poor and underserved scream. Sound like anybody else we know?? Oh, and don't forget the "ketchup as vegetable" escapade. And the disaster in El Salvador.


The poncho looks great! And don't even get me started on the Reagan stuff. You can probably imagine how hideous it's been here in California! Today in our stupid local newspaper they had a story about some family that named their daughter Reagan after, you guessed it. And someone let these people breed?!?


YES! That's it. That's another reason to run. To say the words he NEVER did: AIDS. HIV. Prevention. Protection. Treatment. Thanks for this, doll.

And the Rachael pose! It's sweeping the nation! You look awesome -- I adore that red.


Can I get an Amen?! You go chickie! Isn't it disgusting how quickly people forget about the amount of damage that he has done to our country just because he died?

LOVE THE PONCHO! Looks great on you! I have that book, but didn't think it looked *that* good until now... Hmmmm...


Way to go! I love it when people speak out and enrich public discourse. Reagan thwarted us in life and now he has thwarted us in death. National Day of Mourning my foot! It's costing the taxpayers millions of dollars to have the government take the day off tomorrow. I think I'll spend my Friday donating my time to Mama's Kitchen here in San Diego. They drive hot meals out to impoverished Aids sufferers 7 days a week. I know the folks there could use a happy face tomorrow - they aren't getting a day off with pay.

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