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July 29, 2004



thanks for the reminder about linda and sun city! i had forgotten all about that. perchance she has repented?


Dude, now I'm gonna have that Stevie Van Zandt song, "I..I...I...I...ain't gonna play Sun Cit-ay" in my head all day. Except now I'm gonna picture Stevie as Silvio. Jarring.

Just noticed you're reading Lovely Bones. Let me know when you're done. I must know what you thought.


I practice a similar blocking style, though I have refined the technique by piling other items on top of the item being psychically blocked. I refuse to believe that this doesn't work, and instead imagine that it is simply very, very slow.


Hey, thanks for the shout out for cocker help, I appreciate it, and I've posted an update (happy, happy).

I loved The Lovely Bones, I read most of it aloud to my husband on a car trip, but had a hard time in parts for the sniveling it produced.

Re: Linda...can you honestly say you're the same person, and totally proud of who you were/what you did in 1983?
I remember rockin' out to Toto. 'nuff said.


I not only practice that blocking style, but I believe that it works for non-knitted items, too. And for laundry. If a pair of jeans has been at the bottom of the pile for a REALLY long time, the pressure of the other clothes pushes out the dirt, rendering them perfectly wearable. Again.


How come I never learned that at my Hebrew School? All I ever was taught was dumb old Hebrew. I like your lessons a whole lot better.


I always thought that the road to hell was paved with good intentions. Now I find out it's the raod to heaven?! Right On!

Also, about intarsia in the round. Doesn't work. That's what embroidery on knitting is all about, yo! So rad and so easy. I give it four thumbs up.

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