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August 10, 2004



Loving that striping (non)pattern!

I keep meaning to join one of the many swaps, and then chicken out at the thought of all those trips to the post office...


great top. i love how you mixed it up with the colors. that has got to be one of my favorite necklines. good luck with the blocking, but either way its looks fab as is!


Block, schock. I think its fine.

Sad to say, I live 3 blocks from the beach, and have yet to lie in the sand and sun my buns. Maybe I'll blow off laundry today and do it.


Yeah, I say break out the Dos Equis and have yourself a Block Par-tay, instead. In fact, you can come to my hood for that, because that's what we do around here: stand around the corner bodega listening to crappy Mexican music and drinking 40s out of paper bags. The guys will LOVE you.

P.S. the Deco sweater is great looking!


Hey! I STILL think catching fireflies is an accomplishment--


That looks terrific on you. Doesn't need to be any longer; you blow off that block party and have yourself that Dos Equis just fer fun. Oh, summer fun....


John Kerry voted for going to war in Iraq, too. Can you say, "Flip-Flop"?

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