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August 17, 2004



those titles are hilarious and i have this sock yarn that keep thinking will just get up and walk over to me, but as of now its still sittin' there. stefanie's designs are so great. looks like we will be workin' on the same things.

hope you are feeling better. and boy am i hungry how. that food sounds deeeeelicious.


Ooh, I haven't had Indian food in a while. We may have to meet for lunch.

I made the mistake of getting involved with the Sock Mafia. Now I've got this Koigu and two circs and I'm trying to figure out how the hell I got into this and if there's a witness protection for knitters.


Never go in against the family. You can run, but you can't hide. Over here we take care of our own. That sock giving you grief? We'll take care of it.


Is that the place we lunched? Do you have yarn for P=Loop? Because Elann just put up the same Gedifra that Stef used -- and I ordered mine yesterday. . . Looks like a mini-Loop-along in the offing!

da brooklyn sock mafia

You got your Addis? Got your book and sock yarn? Good girl. Ya done good. We are pleased.


There was a period when every American film was retitled as an inane question. For Ruthless People it was Y'a t'il quelqu'un pour tuer ma femme? Or "Is there someone to kill my wife." And Airplane was released as "Y'a t'il un pilot dans l'aeroplane?" "Is there a pilot on the plane?" Terse and witty, those French. (Please forgive any mispelling or butchering of French. It's been a long time.)


Hello, my no longer Secret Knitty Pal!

Your wonderful package arrived today, and it made my day! Really and truly.

There will be a epic post in your honor on my blog tomorrow. (I've had out-of-town guests staying with me since Saturday, which has cut into my blogging time...)

A million thanks for being a great Secret Pal!

When you get a chance, can you tell me a little more about the amazing yarn you sent? It's gorgeous!

Thanks again!

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