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August 28, 2004



Paris Loop looks fabulous, dahling! And I see The Hold Steady almost killed you too. Excellent. :)


Paris Loop is so lovely! The color, the texture... a great piece! Make sure to send it to Stef for her gallery! :)


love those extra loops! i must say that is my favorite part of the paris loop! great variation!


Very nice. Love that color.


Paris Loop looks fantastically loopy! And very soft, too. I'd want to wear it everywhere, too.

It appears as though the Hold Steady are almost killing a lot of people.


Just grabbed a US17 circ at lunch today with my Ben Franklin coupon ~ I'm diggin' your loopiness and ready to make some of my own~!


My Paris Loop is quite "rolly" at the neck as well, however, I've decided to keep it as is. No blocking, etc. Your version is so adorable!

Sarah L.

I love the Loop but I am having a hard time finding the yarn. Anybody w/any suggestions on a substitute?

Thanks, Sarah

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