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August 05, 2004



very cute mittens. i hadn't see that pattern and with 2 needles i will def have to give them a try. i have been avoiding mitten for all reasons double pointed. i'm lookin' forward to cooler weather too. i can't wait to pull out the wool for sweaters. i hoping that i can make it on small knits 'til then. and that mummified chicken.i'm at a lost for words, lol.


I think there is something in the air once you get out of the Northeast ..... or maybe the water .....


I honestly don't think it had anything to do with residual Orthodox bias. It's OHIO.

Those mittens are adorable, too.


I hope that your family does not read your blog - how rude.


I was just in Wisconsin earlier this month and I suffered from real culture-shock. I think I forget how different everything is from place to place in this country sometimes. But I'm also a New Yorker and find it impossible not to constantly look around and think, "Oh, New York is better than this."

You're mummified chicken reminds me of all those mummified cats at the Field Museum in Chicago. Creepy.

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