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December 04, 2004



That is the cutest hat ever.

Have a wonderful trip--I hope you get to enjoy London at least a little bit! And, of course, Happy Hanukkah. May your dreidls always land on Gimel.


Scarves are soooo pretty. Hope you're having a good trip and not working too hard!


I really like the scarf for your mum! That would be an ace way to use up leftovers (just read the magic ball link) :)


Your mom and gram are so lucky! I'm enjoying the diagonal scarf pattern, too, as it shows off the various colors and textures very well without being boring. In the Little Box of Scarves patterns, there's a diagonal scarf pattern with a border. I may rip out my diagonal and re-work it with that border. Have a safe and fun trip!


as you can see, i'm catching up on my comments - bloglines finally guilted me into it. 1200 unread entries. for shame. the scarf is GORGEOUS. i have been coveting prism since my very first trip to my LYS. maybe that'll be a good "self-birthday" present for 31.

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