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December 18, 2004



when your page loaded and I saw that picture, I thought things were really heating up around here! that is too funny -- would hate to be those neighbors when the front desk hand them their videos! ;)


You really should return the books to your neighbors... and tell them that you took notes for them in the margins! HA HA HA!


Oy vey. Good for them, I guess, if that's what they need... Let's hope for their sake that the doorman doesn't peek inside. We all know what gossips doormen can be.

Good to see you yesterday!


oh to be a fly on the wall when they pick up those tapes, lol. and again and again, you have the best job! the two r2 pics you chose are the very reason that i may be getting that book. i'm diggin' that hood


Being a few years away from my 40s, and understanding that bodies change with age, etc., etc., guides like this always make me nervous that the basic, most fundamental working of sex somehow change drastically after 40. Like I'll turn 40 and all of a sudden forget how to have sex, necessitating the need for such guides.


but the bonus is, in London, you can go into department stores and buy yarn. :) like john lewis. or an amazing store like liberty. here you have to find the little out of the way yarn stores that sometimes are located totally inconveniently. :)


Yep- that is one big honkin' flower.

Hey, *I'm* still waiting for Martin Freeman's indecent proposal. Perhaps he lost my number? Is it stalking if I send it more than 100 times?


I feel exactly the same way you do about London - it's always been such a comfortable place for me and I wish I could find a way to move there. The no-yarn-store thing hadn't occured to me, though. Yikes. Maybe I'll move there and open one? Heh. yeah, right.

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