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March 29, 2005



In my experience, picking up and knitting on the neckline hides bind-off wonkiness pretty well. Just make sure to pickup just *below* the wonky bind-off rather than *in* the bind-off. Not that I'm an expert knitter, but I've gotten away with this in the past...
good luck!


I always do my shaping one or two stitches into the sweater. That normally keeps the stair-step look from occuring. And it looks pretty.


If it's not working for you, boss that thang around and do the decreasing method that you know works for you.


Having no experience in such things I won't offer advice but rather optimism. Sure it can be saved!! :)


I'd love to know your decreasing method because I had the stair steppishness of the bind off method. it's minimized when i work both sides of the neck at once, using two balls of yarn, but it still looks a little odd. but i think jessie's right; picking up and knitting hides a lot of that.

it's really looking good!

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