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March 15, 2005


Sandy J

Oh dear lord. That sounds awful. I hope the cameraman feels like a worthless human being for standing by and filming one kid suffocating another. Really terrible.

I've seen just a few minutes of the show before, and didn't find it offensive - I believe the nanny was having just as much trouble with the parents as the kid, which sounds like par for the course. Your experience makes me want to never stop on the channel again while browsing. Ugh.


You've summed up nicely why I will never, ever, watch "reality" shows. And very, very little network television too.


I happen to see the same show last night and was also shocked.


I don't know why I watched that show (never have before) but I saw it last night and I was horrified.

I thought of writing them- actually, storming the offices, kicking the door open, and yelling what the fuck is wrong with you people?!? But I can already hear the reply: "oh, we're providing a service, showing people how to improve their families." Yeah right.



Jesus! I think that the scariest thing about that is that someone stood by and filmed it without stepping in...


i can't handle the reality shows either. the producers and everyone involved should be punished. that is absolutely dreadful.


Eeek! Thank you for confirming my commitment to never watching reality TV. Eesh.


Holy crap! That is disgusting... can you image what they plan on showing to cap that? Ugh. People are so horrible. [especially FOX]


Geez, and I thought FoxNews was bad. Creepy, huh? How could someone just watch that? And then think, "Hey, we should air this and let the whole world see the terror, pain and humiliation. Yeah, that's what we'll do." Amazing.


That's terrible. I can't believe that they exploited those poor kids like that. And I don't know what parent would ever sign up to be on that show. "Ooh, a chance for me to look like a bad parent on TV. I'll go for it!" I mean really??


I agree with you 110% as I was so appalled watching the show. I was so disgusted with the reality show!!! You are not alone! Shame on FOX!!!


I had never watched the show before last night, and was totally disgusted. The only thing even slightly redeeming I could think about someone standing by and FILMING a child being suffocated nearly to death - was there is now taped evidence to show this family needs a lot more serious help than some pretend reality freak nanny can give them.

There needs to be serious counseling, and serious consequences to the parents if they don't do everything and more to get their family back on track. As much as I hate to think of any child being removed from their home - does anyone really believe that the 9 year old who harmed her brother in this way was somehow "fixed" by a few plaudits from a pretend nanny? This child needs to be removed from the home for the safety of the other children, until she can get the help she needs.

I think any of us with children can understand how overwhelmed this mother must feel with 6 children this close in age. Three sets of twins is just mind boggling. The father appeared to have little to do with them in daily life. How can they not know they have children acting out in such a dangerous fashion? How could they ignore it?

Last, before I get off my soapbox here - if someone in the Fox Network did not contact social services concerning what was filmed, they should be held accountable as well.


i can barely type. that is unbelievable. i hope the fmaily has gotten help. i can't even say what i hope for FOX. i am just sick, reading that...unbelievable.


Reality shows are way over the top now. Have you seen the one "The Big Heist"? You don't win the prize, you steal it. Great! We're advocating theft now.


Since I can say nothing more to sum up what everyone else has said, I can only ask what hasn't been asked: what was the movie you ended up watching?


The only Fox show I watch other than the news is The Simpsons. The only reality show I watch is the Amazing Race. Otherwise current shows suck. Reality shows are cheap to make and they will keep making them so long as people watch them. But when that is all there is on that is all you can watch.


I read your entry the other day and didn't leave a comment since I don't watch that show. But now I can't stop thinking about what you wrote ---- it is awful and I hope they are doing something about it! ugh!


(Got to this sight by accident through an image search) - LADIES! Let me be blunt:
Which is worse, watching someone choke and doing NOTHING about it, OR
Watching someone choke and doing NOTHING about it?
You are ALL the cameraman, and SHAME ON YOU. Go ahead, sit there and type away in your little fantasy worlds, but please don't get up off your asses and DO SOMETHING! You're no more outraged than you are impotent. I find your posts as offensive as the show described in them.
Hooray for "outrage"...

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