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March 17, 2005



Yeah, Cherry Coke has a note on the side that it contains no fruit juice. Um, no kidding! Fox is so bad

Karen M

Heh...it also is a sad thing that Pixie-Stix have no nutritive value either. Really sad.

I can't believe Fox will find *anybody* so deluded that they think being on a TV show will fix their marriage. They kind of lost me with the fine piece of reality TV, "Are You My Dad?" Ugh.


i found the same thing out about my favorite Twizzlers some time last year. that station needs to be destroyed. will someone please destroy that station already?!


But . . . but . . . if we destroy Fox, there'll be no more American Idol!

How 'bout we settle for destroying their fictional series, in other words, their news shows . . .

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