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July 30, 2005



that's hilarious! if only....


that is so funny. definately the type of comment that needs to be remembered.


Maybe he'll grow up to be a little like Kandinsky. You know, not the totally insane part, but the painting the colors he saw when he listened to music part. Some people have some weird brain things when it comes to color. Perhaps this is just the beginning of the Martains artistic temperament.


That's okay, when I first read the post I thought that you wrote "when the martian was being CHARGED". I thought, what kind of "kid" is this?

Glasses, anyone?


oooh that is so cute! some people actually can smell colors (or hear them) they are called synesthetes. maybe your little one is gifted!


Smelling all those different shades of brown and yellow?

That's seriously cute. Did somebody give him a special sticker? (kidding)


OK, he's officially a genius. It's wondrous to see how open children are to different ways of seeing. Kids rule.


A friend of mine quoted a song with a lyric to the effect of:
"I want half of whatever killed Elvis"
Just thougth I'd share. :)


I have a child like the martian who would agree with "smelling" the colors. This from the child who's favorite color (at age nine) is rainbow :) They call these kids Indigo children and they are true gifts. Cherish the moments :)



Ahhh, that's like salve for the soul. Cherish the moments, as others have said.


If he starts saying that various different letters and numbers are different colors too, he might just have synesthesia.

Which I've always thought was one of the coolest things I've ever heard of.


I'm with Juno. I bet the Martian has synesthesia. It occurs in about 8% of the population and is like a cross-wiring of senses, in the case of what he said, sight and smell. It can be that colors have sound or words have color, as Juno said. I have had a few instances of seeing music and I treasure them. How cool for the Martian!


I'm wondering if he was just smelling the contents of the diaper?


You should look into the synesthesia stuff. http://psyche.csse.monash.edu.au/v2/psyche-2-10-cytowic.html is an article that might be useful to you.

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