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April 09, 2008



Wow! That is indeed nuts. How's by you?


Interesting. When I reknit sweaters this way, I'm wrong. But with socks, I'm right? Cool!!


I managed to grab two of those "skeins" there the other day - 1 in almost the same colorway as you have pictured, and another one in really bright sunny colors - just a suggestion: don't work them on 3s, unless you're the world's tightest knitter .. I'm on 1s, and the fabric is perfectly sockish!
have fun with it ...


Brilliant idea, how cool!


I just purchased on with diagonal stripes in purple and pinks. The LYS owner was knitting kid socks with a tie-dyed one. She had made a ladies & child sock out of half of the material, it was so cool. She was at a trade show recently and had the yarn drapped over her shoulder while she knitted her socks.


i am new to knitting. From this posting, i realise there is something new to be learnt everyday.

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